2021 Judith Lapple

Summer Woodwind Camp & Music Festival

In its 27th year!

~ 2018 Master Classes and Special Events ~

***For NON-camp participants who wish to attend any of these events, please contact Director, Jennifer Lapple at jlapple917@gmail.com for more information

  • Recital featuring "Latin American Chamber Music for Flute and Guitar," performed by Jennifer Lapple, flute and Matt Trkula, guitar
    • Tuesday, July 17 from 7:00p-8:00p at St. George's United Methodist Church in the Sanctuary.  St. George's United Methodist Church is located across the street from George Mason University (Fairfax)
  • Presentation on Latin American Chamber Music by Cayambis Music-Press (and sheet music exhibit!)
    • Presentation on Latin American Chamber Music will be held on Wednesday, July 18 from 10:00a-10:45a at Trinity Christian School (Fairfax)
    • Sheet Music Exhibit on Tuesday, July 17, following Lapple/Trkula Flute/Guitar Recital from 8:00p-9:00p at St. George's United Methodist Church in main lobby area AND Wednesday, July 18 from 9:00-10:00a at Trinity Christian School (Fairfax) in main lobby area. 
  • Recital and Master Class featuring Gary SchockerNew York City Flutist & Composer, with 2018 JLSMF&WC Director, Jennifer Lapple, as guest performer
    • Friday, July 20 from 6:00-6:45p (Recital) and 7:00-8:30p (Master Class, featuring 2018 JLSMF&WC students) at St. George's United Methodist Church in the Sanctuary.  
  • World Premiere of Commissioned Work by Gary SchockerFlute Flower, dedicated to the 2018 Judith Lapple Summer Music Festival & Woodwind Camp Flute Choir, under the direction of Dr. Jennifer Lapple
    • Performance within the Gary Schocker Recital on Friday, July 20 from 6:00-6:45p.  
  • Workshop and master class on "The Benefits of Body-Mapping to Help Musicians Find Relief from Pain and Learn Effective Ways to Move and Play" by Body Mapping Specialist, Dr. Lea Pearson
  • Workshop with Body Mapping Specialist, Dr. Lea Pearsonon "The Benefits of Body-Mapping to Help Musicians Find Relief from Pain and Learn Effective Ways to Move and Play"
    • Saturday, July 21 from 10:00a-12:00p at George Mason University (Room TBA)
    • Wednesday, July 25 (Telephonic, TBA)
  • Master Class with Guest Artist, Erica Peel, Piccoloist of the Philadelphia Orchestra
    • Monday, July 23 from 11:00a-12:30p at Trinity Christian School (Fairfax)
  • Recital and Master Class with Guest Artist, Christopher Nichols, ​Buffet Crampon Performing Artist and Clinician.  Mr. Nichols will be joined by Kristen SpiridonBuffet Crampon Performing Artist and 2018 JLSMF&WC Head Clarinet Faculty on both the recital and master classThe master class will feature a performance by 2018 Rice Clarinet Works Scholarship Recipient.  This master recital/master class is followed by Rice Clarinet Works and Buffet Crampon Instrument Exhibits. 
    • Tuesday, July 24 from 6:00-6:45p (Recital) and 7:00-8:30p (Master Class)
    • Instrument exhibit to follow from 8:30p-9:30p
  • Faculty Artist Showcase, featuring solo and chamber performances by 2018 JLSMF&WC faculty members (throughout camp, 

Instrument Exhibits:
Rice Clarinet Works (Tuesday, July 24)
Buffet Crampon (Tuesday, July 24)

2018 Master Classes 

2018 Master Classes

Renowned performers and teachers