2021 Judith Lapple

Summer Woodwind Camp & Music Festival


In its 27th year!

The 2021 Judith Lapple Summer Woodwind Camp & Music Festival

will be held in a VIRTUAL platform

Monday, July 19 - Friday, July 23 | Daily from 9:00a-2:00p

We will continue this year in a virtual format again this year. Details below! We hope you'll join us for an exciting week!

Dr. Jennifer Lapple, Artistic Director

CONTINUING AS A ONE-WEEK VIRTUAL CAMP EXPERIENCE: As you know, many summer music programs are either cancelled or going virtual.  After much consideration, our program will continue this year as a one-week virtual camp experience in lieu of a two-week in-person camp.  We feel this is the best decision for the safety of our students and faculty. 

Our hope is that in 2022, we will return to our original two-week, in-person camp.  

OPEN TO STUDENTS IN GRADES 7-12: This virtual format is available for students in grades 7-12 (and rising freshman in college) as of September 2021. We do not feel it is suited for beginner/younger students who need more assistance in person.  This platform welcomes students who play flute, oboe and clarinet and saxophone.  NO AUDITION, JUST REGISTER! 

MONDAY, JULY 19 - FRIDAY, JULY 23: The dates of this virtual camp are Monday, July 19 - Friday, July 23, daily from 9:00a-2:00p.  Our main platform for conducting this program is Zoom, which in our experience has proven the most reliable; however, we will continue to explore the best options for online music instruction to ensure the best experience for our students.  Please scroll to the bottom of this page for details on how to make the most of your online experience.  Our faculty members have spent the past year teaching lessons and master classes virtually with great success! 

To register for for our virtual program, please email the director, Jennifer Lapple at JLAPPLE917@GMAIL.COM to confirm your participation. An application will be sent via email for you to complete.  Deadline for registration is Monday, June 21, 2021. 

FACULTY: Our virtual program features four faculty members:

Dr. Jennifer Lapple, flute, Artistic Director, Judith Lapple Woodwind Camp & Music Festival, flutist with FUSE Ensemble 

Dr. Paul Chinen, oboe, Principal Oboe, Great Falls Symphony, oboist with Chinook Winds 

Kristen Spiridon, clarinet, Principal Clarinet, Savannah Philharmonic, Adjunct Faculty, Georgia Southern University 

David Anderson, saxophone, Music Educator and Technologist, member of Capital Winds Symphony 

GUEST ARTISTS: This year's festival features additional guest artists who will offer evening master classes (included in camp tuition). 

Dr. Erika Boysen, Professor of Flute, UNC Greensboro, Creator of Moving Sound App

Helen Blackburn, Principal Flute, Dallas Opera Orchestra

Andrea Levine, Principal Clarinet, Louisville Orchestra 




9:00-11:00 – Morning Session (by instrument            

Flute – Dr. Jennifer Lapple           

Oboe – Dr. Paul Chinen           

Clarinet – Kristen Spiridon           

Saxophone – David Anderson

These sessions function as master classes with a main focus on fundamentals such as tone, technique, musicality and general exercises for the instrument and solo repertoire.  Students should feel free to perform repertoire of their choosing during these classes and will receive handouts and materials for independent study. 

11:00-12:00 – Aspects of Artistry (all instruments)

These classes cover various aspects of artistry to help students deepen their understanding of expressive practice and performing. Faculty and guest artists collaborate in these classes to provide students with a variety of perspectives.  Opportunities for student volunteers to perform/demonstrate during the class are encouraged.  

Class topics: 

  • Perspectives on Mozart (hear from a flutist, oboist, clarinetist and pianist their approaches for studying and performing Mozart)
  • Musical terms....what do they mean and how do we apply them in performance? 
  • The role of etudes in daily practice...getting the most out of these exercises in technique and expression. 
  • The joy of Baroque music!  

1:00-2:00 – The Well-Rounded Musician (all instruments) 

This hour offers students interactive presentations by guest speakers on a variety of topics aimed to develop a well-rounded, highly capable musician.  Each session will feature a question and answer portion for students to explore their specific interests. 

Class topics: 

  • Wellness class for musicians 
  • From a conductor's Point of View (what do conductors look for in auditions?)
  • Tips for collaborating with your pianist...getting the most out of rehearsals
  • Presenting your best self in auditions, competitions and more (building a resume, repertoire list, rehearsal and competition etiquette, etc.).  Demonstrate professionalism and poise in any setting...including virtually!
  • Instrument maintenance checklist! 

*Additional classes offered in reed making! 

Monday & Wednesday

2:00-5:00 - Individual lessons offered by faculty members (additional cost)

Tuesday & Thursday

2:00-3:30P – Optional chamber music projects for interested students (featured in our Virtual Showcase Concert

These projects offer students innovative ways of performing chamber music in a virtual setting.  Rehearsal approaches combine listening, score study, music-minus-1 and use of collaborative recording apps to create an interactive ensemble experience.  Chamber music pieces are recorded, edited by music technology staff and shared on our Virtual Showcase Concert on Friday, July 23.   

Tuesday & Wednesday

7:00-9:00P Guest Artist Master Classes

Advanced-level students may request to perform in a virtual master class for these guest artists. Please email director, Jennifer Lapple at jlapple917@gmail.com by June 21 to request a spot in the class. 



Virtual Showcase Concert (featuring Live and Pre-recorded performances by our students and faculty!)

Hear our final virtual performance, Blue Horizon by our 2020 Commissioned Composer, Madeline Lee: 



The Audition Preparation Session is open to 5 participants (in each instrument) and includes the following (excerpts are sent out one month prior to the start of camp): 

  • 2, 90-minute group lessons covering practice techniques and exercises for rhythmic and technical control for each excerpt as well as effective listening and recording strategies. All participants will perform in EVERY class. 
  • PDFs are provided with specific practice and style tips for EACH excerpt to ensure attainable and measurable progress 
  • Participants will send recordings of their excerpts (a total of 2 recordings within the week) and will receive detailed feedback
  • 1 LIVE Zoom mock-audition with judges and feedback (monetary prize for winner in each instrumental category)
  • All sessions and the mock audition will be recorded for participants to refer to following the series.  

If you are interested in participating, please email Jennifer Lapple at JLAPPLE917@GMAIL.COM for more information. 


The tuition for this one-week virtual camp is $400.00 payable by check. Please email the director, Jennifer Lapple at JLAPPLE917@GMAIL.COM for information on where to send payment. 


To register for for our virtual program, please email the director, Jennifer Lapple at JLAPPLE917@GMAIL.COM by Monday, June 21 to confirm your participation. An application will be sent via email. 

*Register with a friend before May 1 and both participants will receive $25.00 off the camp tuition.