Camp is held daily, Monday - Friday from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Intermediate Level

For students with 1 - 3 years playing experience, generally ages 12-14 in grades 7-8/9 who may or may not be taking private lessons and have had likely 1-3 years playing in school band.  

Goal: Our goal for intermediate students is to build upon the fundamentals of music and of their particular instrument.  Students will focus on technical development through exploring various patterns and articulations in major and minor scales and expressive development through exploring dynamics, phrasing, and style.  Additional focus is placed on improving sight-reading (in preparation for District Band auditions and high school band placement auditions), as well as skills of playing with others (listening, blending, intonation, style).  This level will also focus on building relationships by working together in music (i.e. breaking out into smaller chamber groups, solving expressive challenges in music).  Our faculty for the intermediate students are enthusiastic and motivating of these students to help them further develop their unique interests in music.  

Classes offered:

  • Music theory
  • Concert band
  • Chamber music
  • Small studio classes focused on fundamentals of instrumental playing
  • Workshops on taking auditions, scales and technique and sight reading

10:00-11:30– Concert Band

Rehearse repertoire for the Final Showcase Concert.  Students rehearse in a large ensemble setting with mixed instrumentation.  An emphasis is placed on sight reading and building ensemble skills.  Daily warm ups help students to develop an ear for tuning, blending, shaping dynamics and developing subtleties of expressive performance. 

11:30-12:30 – Master Class 

This level also attends a daily workshop/master classes from 11:30-12:30 on such topics as: 
"Sight-reading 101"
"Get ahead with Scales" 
"District Band Audition Tips"
"Performance Etiquette"
"Instrument Repair"
"Taking Better Auditions"
"Solo Repertoire Master Class"
"The Role of Listening in Your Practice Session"

A sample schedule
Monday – Scales 101 – Learn exercises for mastering your scales
Tuesday – Advanced Flute – Observe and sit in on advanced ensembles (Instrumental Room)
Wednesday – Solo performances – Bring in your favorite piece to perform for feedback!
Thursday – Sight reading – Learn tips for improving your sight reading skills
Friday – Listening for Inspiration – Improve your listening skills to inspire your own playing

12:30-1:30 – Lunch
Students are free to interact with their friends or other faculty during this time both indoors and outdoors on Trinity Christian School's beautiful grounds! 

1:30-3:00 – Instrumental Choir (i.e., flute choir, clarinet choir, oboe choir, etc.)
Spend this time working with your instructor on fundamentals, including rhythm, scales and technical patterns, which all help to develop more technical security and expression in music. Other details such as dynamics, phrasing, rhythmic inflection, understanding structure and form help students better understand the expressive landscape of the music. A strong emphasis is placed on sight reading. Students also develop the skills for tuning, blending and understanding parts within an ensemble setting.  This group will perform on the Final Showcase Concert

3:00-4:00 – Activity Hour

There are several activities available to students during this final activity hour.  For middle and high school students, there are performance workshops, lectures, chamber rehearsals, recitals, master classes and presentations.  Workshop topics include instrument repair, sight reading, audition preparation, mock auditions, conducting, time management and practice tips.  

Class size: Classes are of moderate size to accommodate individual attention, but also to provide students with opportunities to explore friendships and musical relationships unique to the process of making music. Class size ranges from 10-15 students per class.  

Private lessons: During the camp day, students will sometimes work one-on-one with faculty; however, it is encouraged that students sign up for private lessons with faculty members outside of camp hours to further develop the skills they are learning throughout the day.  These lessons can be arranged directly with the faculty members.  Private lesson fees apply and vary with each faculty member.  Students may also develop a good relationship with a particular faculty member and wish to pursue private lessons on a continuous base beyond the two-week camp.  

Performance opportunities:  Students are invited and encouraged to perform with other students and/or faculty members during our Afternoon Student and Faculty Recitals! They can play any musical selection they wish from solo repertoire to chamber music.  ​​

Please note, the schedule below is for our two-week, in-person camp.  We've left it for your reference. To view the 2020 online camp schedule, please click

2020 Online Camp Information.

10:00a-4:00p daily


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Intermediate Level - Description & Class Schedule

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